Inage of Home with crawl space cut out

When you have a view like this you need a great deck to enjoy it. We build custom decks, designed around your home, to accentuate your outdoor view, and landscaping. Do you want it to wrap around your home or pool? It is all up to you.

A deck in California, especially Napa, is truly an outdoor room. It extends the indoor living space and invites you to step outside and relax. Working from home? - no better place to be than a quiet deck, with your coffee, a laptop, wifi and you are good to go.

Decks can be ground level, extend over something like a landscape feature or from a second story. Multi level decks can add interest and solve design problems when your site has a variation in elevation. We will get the design on paper for you and work out the details so your installation is smooth and worry free too.

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